How to make sure your rental home is protected from catastrophe – video blog

I just wanted to share with you a little experience I just had. We’ve got our new 24/7 monitoring system. And we actually just had an alarm come through for one of our tenant’s homes. When that happens I get the notification. I get phone calls. Then it rings multiple people. In this case, I decided to address it. It was a fire alarm, as you can hear. It actually gave me a recording of it. What I did is I immediately jumped over and sent a quick text message to tenant, who I have a good relationship with, and asked, “Hey, the smoke alarm went off, “is everything okay at the house?” Got a quick text message back. “Yeah, sorry, I was cooking.” Apparently something happened. And simple enough, I said, “Okay, thanks, all is fine.” As I’m writing this it happens to be a Sunday. So 24/7, the monitoring system is working any time you need it. You get 24/7 monitoring of your house. All right, thanks, everyone. Have a good weekend, enjoy.

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What you need to know about world’s oldest rental agreement

The ancient city of Teos reveals oldest rental agreement. The document was written 2,200 years ago. There many lessons to be learned from it. It even had a guarantor and the elders of the city appear as a witnesses of the agreement. There are even penalties in case the building is used inappropriately. This is a tighter agreement that may self-managed properties that I’ve seen, lol.

Interesting lines include: Building will be used three days a year” and “If building neglected or harmed there is penalties” and get this “building will be inspects by the neos in every year”. Most self managed landlord I know today don’t even inspect their buildings. Have we learned nothing in the 2200 years since this agreement?

If we learned anything from this document, it’s inspect your buildings r get someone like Reliable1 to manage for you.

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